The principal asset of the Corporation consists of its ownership of 100% legal and beneficial interest in the Monaco Property, subject to a 1% NSR in favour of the Transferors of the Monaco Property. The Monaco Property is located in the Chibogamau Mining District in the Province of Quebec. See "Monaco Property".

The Corporation also has interests in nine Other Mineral Properties, one of which is a collection of smaller properties, all located in the Province of Quebec. These properties were primarily acquired by the Corporation pursuant to the Transfer Agreement, although certain mineral claims were separately acquired by the Corporation, and the Lac Fagnant Property includes properties contributed by the Corporation’s joint venture partners. The Corporation holds a 100% interest in the Other Mineral Properties, with the exception of its interest in the Lac Fagnant Property. See "Other Mineral Properties – Lac Fagnant Property".

These Other Mineral Properties are as follows:

  • Lac Fagnant Property;
  • Opinaca East Property;
  • Troilus Property;
  • Mercier Property;
  • Lac Copper Property;
  • Monarch Property;
  • Bachelor Property;
  • Sleeping Giant Property; and
  • Grassroots Properties (which is the collection of smaller properties).


July 19, 2019

Urbangold Minerals agreement for Quebec mining claims

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July 18, 2019

UrbanGold expands its position in the Troilus area, immediately commences [...]

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July 15, 2019

Urbangold Appoints Mathieu Stephens as a Director

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